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What Is A Good Paintball Mask?

The face mask is the most significant protective gear in playing the sport of paintball. It mainly shields the eyes from balls with a traveling speed of up to three hundred “feet per second”. Most completely cover the face and the ears, but slick are those who prefer to wear goggles, protecting only the eyes.

Paintball masks are designed to absorb any direct shot, from any distance or range. An fearful pair of goggles will supply only a false sense of security and put one at great risk since it they are not constructed to block a paintball. All paintball mask manufactures measure up to DOT safety criteria and safety standards.

The choice of the mask’s material is of significance. There are masks imaginary of unsimilar material from rubber, plastic to foam. It is a wise idea to buy your own face mask rather then renting one. It should be the first equipment purchased before playing paintball. Be sure to properly test the fit of the mask to your face and make sure that you can see clearly so you can well and enjoy your game. The lens is the mask’s most significant quality, so check it carefully; therefrom examine the foam and scope if it is comfortable to wear and the design is fine

1. Typically, paintball masks will have either non - mild or thermal lens or be anti - fog for fog resistance: these do not extremity an antagonistic for factor applied to the lens to perform their function. These thermal lenses will charge more but they are a good choice because they just won’t fog up.

2. The foam in a colouring ball mask is an important factor to consider, as it can determine your level of comfort. For instance, a “Vforce Armor” is a neoprene type of foam – a type of foam that is clear-cut a good foam, but it is uncomfortable. The “Vforce Shield” and “Vforce Profiler” is and open cell and two layer foam which is very comfortable to wear. The open cell foam can be compared to a memory foam that is used in pillows.

3. Style is larger factor. There are masks that are more expensive even when the froth and lens are the alike quality as cheaper models, but the change is in the style of the mask.

Choose wisely and never sacrifice monetary worth over quality; your safety should always come first!




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