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Requisites of a Paintball Leader

It takes a lot of guts and character to be a leader in any sport. Even in paintball, where there is scant physical contact and it can be played by everybody from all walks of life, there are certain qualities needed to be a leader of a paintball team.

First, he has to achieve that certain level of respect; the kind where other paintball players, some of them stifling friends, are willing to follow his orders. This is a feat to achieve since not everyone can bear to take orders from
just anyone. He should be a master strategist. In this case, flexibility is a commitment since he must make the initial battle plan suitable for any kind of battlefield. He must also be courageous, the type of player that will never hesitate to go significance the frontline, even if he is protected by his men. He must be a well - liked character, someone who has the faculty to communicate clearly and effectively with all types of people.

What are the attributes that a paintball commander should posses?

1. Experience and quick - wit:

Experience is matchless thing that is not gained easily: it takes a lot of life and maturity to achieve the kind of experience crucial for a leader.

2. Physical fitness:

He must be able to get into the buddy-buddy of things, and to be able to get into any areas that his men can go. Mobility is a necessity for a paintball commander

3. Respected aura

Respect is needed to convince all of the members of a team to follow whatever orders that are needed, dispensed, and carried out. No team player will follow someone he does not like and / or respect.

4. Ability and willingness to communicate

A commander talks with authority and trust - he can make people listen and take action.

A paintball commander must be effective to put aside his personal progress for a while to analyze the performance of his team. He should survive almost every battle. He should be able to dissect and ascertain the flaws of his team and the battle plan whenever things go wrong and have the “smarts” to come reinforcement with a better design the next time around.

Such all other acquaintance sports, a paintball leader must be able to inspire other people to perform the best they can. Once this is done, the whole team, not only the paintball commander, will achieve victory.




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